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Ear infection, death, and mating season; or how I learned that nothing comes cheap.

Hi! I am back. I don’t know why I said type that, but I’m back anyway. And, here’s what you’ve missed (TLDR: not much).

In junction to what had happened the past few weeks, Elvis is still sick. She still has an ear infection, but last I check, it was getting better, so fingers crossed, ‘kay? Okay, here are some highlights on the Elvis matter. Two days before Eid al-Fitr, I took Elvis for her yearly vaccine. Business as usual, right? Not quite so. As I entered the waiting room with Elvis in tow, there it was, a gigantic golden retriever sleeping on the floor (might I add, he almost took the entire floor of the waiting room). Worth noting that this dog is on an IV, I’ve gathered that the dog is pretty much sick.

Being an animal lover, I was dying to know what had happened to the dog. Problem with my curiosity is I’m not big on making small talk. So, there’t that huge hurdle. Thankfully, the lady who came with the dog starts making small talk with me first. She was asking about Elvis and whatnot, so I guess that’s pretty much gives me the right to ask about her dog, right? So, what I gathered from our small talk was the dog’s name is Bruno. Bruno had caught some weird virus from a rat (don’t ask me the details, both the lady and I don’t understand the details of it). Anyway, Bruno also has a sibling back home (which I completely forgot to ask the name). Anyway, Bruno was going to be kept in the clinic until he gets better.

The vet told me to have Elvis’ bathe before getting the vaccine. And so, I left Elvis to be bathed and I went for a hair cut (I don’t know how this piece of information goes with the story, but that’s what happened anyway). Came back about an hour after that for Elvis to get her vaccine. The vet was with a patient, and so I was waiting with Elvis at the waiting room. At that point, Bruno was already in the patients’ room and the lady had gone home (of course, this was merely my own guessing).

Thirty minutes into waiting for Elvis’ vaccine, a group of family came to the waiting room to claim for their Pomeranian, only to be informed by the nurse that the dog didn’t make it during the surgery (the Pomeranian was bitten by a larger dog, which I do not know what kind of dog that bit the Pomeranian in the first place). In an instant, this little girl (about 9 or 10 y.o) screamed in horror! Like, proper screaming, like the one you see in horror movies. She was crying, wailing, screaming, you name it. And don’t you dare think of this as me making fun of her. I once lost a cat due to kidney failure, the clinic called my house to inform us that we had lost our cat and I still vividly remember the void that was instantly created by the notion of losing your best friend. I only know too sure about the agony of that little girl, at least I was more than 17 years old when I lost my cat (the name’s Pipi-chan, by the way) to kidney failure. I felt my head going heavy, and I started having a hard time breathing. All those sadness came like a rush of waves when you’re standing on the lips of a beach. And in that moment, I held on to Elvis’ hand. I swear I was not going to go through that pain again.

Then Elvis got her vaccine. As I walked out of the vet’s room, I was ambushed by this huge dog (of which I don’t what kind it was) and a bull dog also. This huge black dog (his/her height is about my waist, and my height is 157 cm, and that’s roughly about 5ft 15inch) was barking like crazy at probably everything and everyone, I was scared af! Well, tldr to that story, that was one whole day filled with animals, and  although I’m happy, it’s also a bit overwhelming for my tender and fragile heart.

Okay, now fast forward to one day after the second day of Eid al-Fitr. It’s mating season time!!!!! As in, both Elvis and Joplin is going through heat. Yep, for those of you who are not aware of what mating season and/or heat means, basically it means that your cat wants to mate and cats howl/yowl/scream/annoy the life out of you if they can’t mate. That’s just putting it simply, and I am not an expert in caring for cats, so I suggest that you go and ask your vet for more info on that matter. Anyway, here’s what you need to know before I proceed further with the story; Elvis is nine y.o female Persian cat (don’t you dare complain about Elvis being a male’s name), and Joplin is a seven y.o male Persian mixed with Birman cat. That being said, I really do not want them to mate, and I’m not being evil or anything. When Elvis was pregnant in what eventually became Joplin and his siblings, she had a hard time understanding her pregnancy, and an even more hard time during delivery.

I was told by my friend that certain cat breeds don’t actually well equipped with maternal instinct likeon street cats when they gave birth, and it was soon proven to be true when Elvis gave birth to Joplin and his siblings. She was not willing to push hard, and even when she managed to push out her kitten, she didn’t automatically ripped open the slimy thing that covers the kitten, resulting in some of her litter died as a newborn. I had to assist her delivery with scissor to help cut open the slimy thing (okay, I admit I don’t know what the proper term is, but if you have seen your cat deliver her litter, you’ll know what I mean). Even when I had done that, she didn’t bit through the cord to help her litter properly breathe. She wouldn’t even lick her litter and fed them. This resulted in five out of seven of her litter dead. I don’t want Elvis to be distressed again, if ever she mated with Joplin and then she ended up pregnant. So, I separate the two.

But, see, cats during heat is a messy and noisy business! They became extremely naughty (and I use this term lightly), they would pee wherever they want (to attract the opposing sex), they would want to escape from your house (to look for mating partner), they would lose appetite (I assume because their mind is elsewhere, to mate perhaps), they became extremely spoiled (they would want to be stroke and cuddled all the time), and they are super super super super (and I could go all day long) noisy. As I’ve mentioned before, cats during heat would howl/yowl/scream what have you, this is done to attract the opposite sex. Imagine, for two straight days I have to go through sleepless nights because both Elvis and Joplin is just yowling back and forth.

On one fateful night when I couldn’t go to sleep, I decided to google how long does a heat last for a cat. What started as a simple google search, ended up with me overflowing with information. Cats go through some sort of pain during heat time (for female cats, it is sort of like having a horrible PMS situation where your body just ache all over the place) until they can successfully mate (again, this information was gathered through internet, I cannot attest for this). If I have to separate both Elvis and Joplin every time they’re in heat, not only am I torturing myself with sleepless nights but I am also torturing them both. The solution is either to mate them or neutered them.

I once read that cats that have been neutered tend to be more calm and fat (I guess, because they’re no longer concern with mating so they can focus on just gorging themselves with food), not only that, I am also helping with reducing the number of cats in the world. Now, don’t take this wrong. I love cats, but I also wholeheartedly believe that if one cannot be sure to care and love their cat thoroughly then maybe one shouldn’t be in a possession of a cat. I love Elvis and Joplin but I don’t think I’m up for raising more kittens anytime soon, not to mention making Elvis go through emotional distress during delivery. Besides, there’s always adoption if you want another cat in your life. There are hundreds of homeless cats or cats in shelter that is always in need of a new home.

I thought, then, that neutered was the way to go. But, it is highly suggested that you should wait until your cat is no longer in heat before you neutered them (this is also an information I gathered from the internet, but Elvis’ vet attest to this when I asked her this evening). That being said, it means that I can’t neutered both of them within this week, so separation is still the best way to go for both of them. This could also be a diamond in the rough for me, because neutering your cats is pricey af!

Went to the vet this evening and asked about what I should prepare for my cat before being neutered, how I should care for them after the procedure, whether or not it is a good decision to neutered your cat, and (the ultimate question of) how much does it cost. I mean, sure I know it’s not going to be cheap or affordable or anything, but I didn’t expect it to be THAT pricey. Oh, Lord, I’m going to have to work twice harder this month to pay for that.

Basically, the amount you have to pay to neuter your cat (note: this is on Elvis’ clinic, I don’t know about other clinic or other vet) depends on your cat’s weight (I’m guessing, the heavier the cat, the pricey it’ll get) and what sex is your cat. For a male cat is approximately around IDR 500k (which is roughly about USD 38), and for a female cat is approximately around IDR 900k – IDR 1mil (roughly about USD 68 – 76). I don’t know if it’s cheap where you live, but that is very pricey in Indonesia, and although I make enough money to pay for the two procedures while still am able to live for the remainder of the month (assuming I paid them using my pay-check from July), life is going to be super tight. But, I’m still going to go through with it. Joplin will be going to be neutered first, while Elvis is still waiting until her ear infection clears off before going through with the procedure.

Well, when all have been said and done, I fell pretty good about myself. This shows that I’m a pretty decent human being who are also responsible. I don’t have much to offer in live, I don’t even think I have that much life skill to survive life in general, but I can now proudly say that I can take care of another living thing and I am responsible for all my commitment to take care both Elvis and Joplin. All in all, I’m felling pretty good. Let’s just hope they’re all done with their heat comes this Saturday. Ciao! Will keep you updated (whether or not you’re interested).


2 thoughts on “Ear infection, death, and mating season; or how I learned that nothing comes cheap.”

  1. Hold the door! That’s so expensive for spaying/neutering. In my vicinity, it’s around 350K for male and 500K for female and even cheaper when you join “baksos”. I remember I once neutered a male cat (now passed, RIP) for just 150K. Either way, spaying/neutering is worth trying, mostly to spare your cat the agony of being in a heat and to make all that yowling stop once and for all, obvs. 😁


    1. I thought about it also, I did asked some friends about the cost of paying and neutering and well clinics always charged a tad bit more, and since I don’t know much about where I can go so I’m left to that. But, totally appreciate it if you have any info about it. 😀


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