things you may not want to know but I'm telling you anyway

netflix, the sims and a bag of cheese stick; or how I enjoy my solitude.

It’s amazing to think that there are people out there who feeds off on being constantly around people, and then there are others who are pretty much content with being alone. It was a mixture of being excited and scared when I was told that I would have to be home alone today. Sure, it was awkward to woke up and being the only person in the house. Then you’re tasked with making sure you’ve locked the doors and ventilate the house before you leave. And when you’re back from work, you need to make sure you’ve turned on all the lights, close the window, close the curtain, and making sure you’ve properly locked the doors, again. I’m feeling pretty grown up actually from all the responsibilities.

That aside, it was only brought to my attention when I stopped myself from binge watching Gilmore Girls at 19.00 out of hunger that I actually like living on my own; I don’t mind being alone, in fact I quite crave the repetition of doing things on my own time and schedule. Of course this has only been day one of living alone, and I might have a change of heart comes the third day, or even tomorrow, but this is something that I can see myself doing sometime in the future and I would not have any complaints.

I came back home from work a bit soaked thanks to the rain, and I immediately busied myself with all those grown up thing stuff. After I make sure the house looks proper, I locked myself in my room and just dwell into the world of The Sims. After a couple of boring repetitive activities from my “all-too-talented” Sim (her name is Sigrid, by the way), I thought continuing my netflix adventure is a nice get away. Thankfully my all too messy desk is stock with various of snacks, one in particular is this delicious cheese sticks that a colleague at work sell. TLDR, I spent hours inside my room surviving on a bag of cheese sticks with little to no contact with any human being.

Here’s an interesting bit, I got a phone call from a friend, and I spent almost a minute pretending like I didn’t quite hear them at the end of the line. After the second attempt at calling and another Oscar-worthy performance by yours truly at not being able to hear the other end of the line, I turned off my phone. Poof! Just like that. I don’t miss it. It was when I feel like I should be ordering food that I remembered I had turned off my phone.

Point is, I am excited to see how long this newfound excitement will last. I wonder if I still think the same of this experience tomorrow and the following days. Or, maybe, I’m felling pretty good about today had everything to do with the fact that office has been pretty tame and lame (which I am so not complaining about) as oppose to the fact that I actually like living alone? I don’t know. I’m not sure. I don’t think one can be sure about these kind of things until given a proportionate amount of time to make the call on the result. I’ll get back to this in a couple of days. Ciao!


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