Does this post makes me look like a git?

Ah social media, the bane of most people’s existence these days. You have one (or more) and you’re stressed out, you don’t have one (or none at all) and you’re also stressed out (obviously, for different reasons). So what to do with social media? I’ll be damned if I do know.

I’m going to come clean, I have several accounts on most social media known to men; I have a Facebook account (of which I used mostly to passive-aggressively share links to articles I’ve read or whatever), an Instagram account (where I post random photos and books I’ve read and/or reading), a Twitter account (where I mostly complained about everything and nothing), a Tumblr account (where I manage four different tumblr blogs, catering to four different niche), a Goodreads account (where I diligently update and review my books, whilst also joining the reading challenge), a Path account (where I’m being a book and music snob), and a Worpress account (does this counts as a social media?)

I think I used to have more social media accounts and although I don’t invest much of my time for those social media compared to before, I can attest that my presence is still pretty much evident. I did try to cut some of my time on several of those social media accounts, and it’s fairly easy if one is to seriously commit to it. But, hey, I’m not here about how to quit your social media, because let’s be honest here, you can act like you don’t care about your social media shit, but you know you do, at least behind closed doors. I’m here to rant ( what else is new?) about the five problems with social media, according to yours truly.

You think I’m joking? No, I’m not, in fact I am very serious. Back in the days before all this hullabaloo of social media emerge, lying was easy. Take for instance when your friend asked you for a cup of coffee or just for a get together and you don’t feel like it but you also don’t want to sound like a jerk by saying no, so you opt to tell them that you have work to do or that you are sick or you have a family gathering or whatever lies of your choice. It was easy back then. I can just go and tell my friend I’m feeling under the weather when I don’t feel like meeting them, whilst at the same time I am out and about doing God knows what. These days? Pfft, not so much. While lying to your friends can easily be achieved like in the olden days, but making sure the lies stands is another thing, especially in the age of social media (or what I would secretly call ‘the age of humble bragging’).

Here, let me put this in context. Supposedly a friend asked you to hang out, but you don’t really want to go or you already had another appointment but you don’t have the heart to tell the truth (or let say your parents asked you to come to a family gathering, but let’s be honest, who would be willing enough to go to a family gathering? So, instead of going to said family gathering or telling your parents you don’t feel like going, in risk for being told off by your parents, you told them you have an urgent meeting or you need to work overtime at the office), so anyway, you tell your friend you have to drive your parents or some other more urgent pressing matters. While, in all actuality, you were somewhere else and quite possibly when you’re having more fun, you can’t help but to post several of the pictures and/or videoa of what fun you’re having onto your social media accounts of your choice, right? Do you see where I’m getting at right now?

You are literally friends with almost (if not all) of your friends both IRL and on your social media, therefore lying to friend A that you couldn’t go and meet them because you have work to do whilst actually you are out and about with other people is a risky business. Why? Because you will (will being the keyword here) post your ‘fun’ (the term fun is used very lightly here) onto your social media account, therefore endangering the fact that friend A will know that you have lied to them. And, trust me, this kind of scenario is very much applicable to everyone, whether you’d be lying to your friend, spouse, parents, or people you work with. Believe you me, I have caught people red handed lying to my face because they just couldn’t help but forgot about their lies by posting the exact opposite of their lies onto their social media accounts. Get this folks, lying is an art perfected by sacrifice; so, if you’re unwilling to sacrifice a chance to humble brag onto your social media, I suggest don’t lie, because social media is making the act of lying that much harder to do. Mark my words, folks.

No, this is not an oxymoron. While I told you before that social media is making the act of lying that much harder to do, it also brings out the compulsive liar in you. Here’s what I think, basically everyone is a liar; I’m pretty sure that on average a person lies about five times a day, and what social media does today is increasing the number of lies, whether one realises it or not. And I’m not talking about the same kind of lie as was mentioned on point #1, this is a whole other different kind of lie. This is the kind of lie that you concoct so as to garner ‘likes’, ‘loved’, ‘thumbs’, ‘retweet’, ‘reblog’ or what have you.

Here’s an example, I have several friends who would post what she presume as a witty status, or a funny story, or a snippet of a funny conversation, that I can prove to you it was all made up or probably heard it from someone else, and then they claim it as their own. Really, I kid you not. All in the name of glory of how much ‘likes’ they are going to get. To be completely honest, I don’t have a problem with people lying, if anything I’m going to enjoy it more once I figure out that what they post was just a lie, but honestly mate, the lying is getting a bit too tiresome and repetitive. Besides, it begs the question of whatever the purpose for you to lie about? Right?

It’s kind of sad isn’t it that you spent your entire day thinking whether or not your posts are good enough for other people. Like, I’m not going to lie, I’ve been there. Fretting about whether or not a certain tweet or status or photo is good enough to gain the approval from my friends. It’s pathetic really. And because I’ve been there, I can attest the validity of this problem.


Ha! This is one is very rich. I don’t know how many of you that goes on to your social media of your choice and found your ‘friends’ posting something and then act as if they are the expert on that particular subject, whilst at the same time you knew that the only reason this said person had the nerve to voice their opinions simply because the topic is still hot at the moment, and given other circumstances, your said friend wouldn’t have had any opinions whatsoever. Do you need proof?

Well, look no further during election time. Suddenly, everyone seems to be an expert in politics, or the art of campaigning and what have you. Or even simpler, once some of your friends reached a certain milestone, aw hell, they became so chipper in sharing their expert and unbiased (pfft!) opinions on the said milestone (certain examples, when one just got married, pregnant, giving birth, raising toddlers etc. etc.). Man, social media really brings out the experts in everyone.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I did burned a lot of bridges thanks to social media. I would go on to Facebook and looked at my home page and see tons of ridiculous links posted by my so called friends that are not only most of them are border line racist, the so called links are not even legit websites to begin with. Put in that situation, I immediately unfollow them on Facebook. Ignorance is bliss, if you don’t know that your friends are being a complete idiot, then life is better.

People made it seem that keeping a social media is important to keep in contact with friends and families, but to be completely honest, I don’t really feel it to be so. Here’s an example, Facebook has been a social land mine for me, if I don’t control my home page carefully, I’ll end up getting pissed and frustrated by my friends post (refer to the example above). Instagram is mostly tolerable, because I mostly just followed tons of cats’ instagram, so that’s like my personal heaven. Twitter is alright after I unfollowed a lot of unnecessary stuff and some friends that hardly ever tweets again, mostly I followed some news portal so that’s pretty handy when you’re ever in need of news. Tumblr is the best for picking up new friends, I’ve met several cool people with the same interests as mine, so that in itself already trumps the whole Facebook experience. Path is a bit dodgy though, although not as frustrating as Facebook, Path has starting to become a social land mine for me with people constantly updating utter shite (but, who am I to judge). Goodreads is my third personal heaven after Instagram and Tumblr, it’s just nice to go on a social media and just have people rant about books. WordPress is well, I’m still struggling.

Most of the time, people access their social media through their phone, and so unbeknownst to you, you’ve been holding your large and humongous (let’s be real here, at this rate all phones are just as big as your hand if not bigger) in such a weird way that only after you start to get the pins and needles feelings that you might want to put your phone down. I mean, what is the point of torturing yourself by going through your social media account? What is the worth? Most probably, either you’re feeling dejected because your life is not as interesting as other people, or you’re feeling envious because you are not as creative as the other people, or whatever. Point is, most often than not, by the time you’re done with your social media, you’re left only with your hand feeling the pins and needles and nothing else, if not an ambition to upstage your friend on your social media.

At the end of the day, I always said that you do you, mate. Whatever keeps you asleep at night. Besides, what do people care about what I think is the five problems with social media? For all I know, we all are an expert of some sorts, thanks to social media.



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