things you may not want to know but I'm telling you anyway

The things I have to deal with.

With the amount of unnecessary shits I have to deal with, why not just compile it by weeks and post it here? Seeing that lashing out for other people’s stupidity is quite very much frowned upon by society, surely ranting about it on one own’s blog is still considered acceptable, right? Right, let’s just assume the reasoning is justified.

Honestly! Have we not grown tired already with the whole “girls wearing glasses are just downright unattractive, therefore girls must wear contacts to be considered passable in society?” I’m being serious here. How the fuck am I suppose to take this seriously? Do you see what kind of shit that I have to deal with? For the love of God and everything holy in this world, I am never going to wear contacts. It’s just too bloody barbaric! Why in the world would people willingly put something like that on their eyes is beyond me, but hey I’m not judging. So, really, I don’t get the obsession with people who hound me to wear contacts. Like, is there even a social cue that one has to wear contacts if one is getting married? Because, honestly, if there is Imma burn that thing to the ground because it’s just incredibly stupid and insulting.

Uh sweetheart, if ever I have a chance to be a Queen for a day, I will never relinquish that, but to answer your question, no, I do not want to be a Queen for a day! I want to be rich for the whole remaining days of my life, starting from today, but hey we can’t always get what we want. On that note, let me explain this in a simpler way, if you think my lifelong goal is just to look pretty for a day in my godforsaken life, then I’m sorry to break this down to you but, Gosh, you need to reassess your life because I honestly don’t limit my life just to be pretty, not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not my cup of tea. And until I’m shoving my cup of tea up your arse, do refrain yourself from forcing your cup of tea unto me. Thank you.

Glasses with silver framing suits me? What are we? Channelling the Millennium look? Gross! I’m sorry for those who actually own a silver-framed glasses, but I honestly can’t pull off that look, even if my life depended on it. And then this person had the audacity to suggest that I would look good with the said hideous glasses? How dare you! And then when I told her, I was never going to be able to pull off the look, this person said that I should not worry about wearing the glasses again in the future if I’m not comfortable about it. Again, HOW DARE YOU! I am most definitely not going to be buying a pair of glasses, which I will only wear once (might I add, a pair of glasses that I don’t even want to buy in the first place). I’m not made of money, and even if I was, I surely will not be wasting it on hideous glasses!

Totes sorry that this week’s theme still revolves around marriage, but honestly any topic coming close to marriage is vomit inducing. Something that came out of all the hullaballoo is the fact that I have coined a new phrase for this year. Where last year’s top phrases were, “Who’s going to stop me? My Mum?” and “Oh man, what is life?” this year’s top phrase is, “I honestly don’t care”. This phrase is my go to answer to every question having to do with marriage.




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