The last librarian on earth.


You would think that being the last librarian on Earth, I would have been more famous, but who am I kidding? How is it even possible I don’t even know, does it even matter anyway? I am the last librarian in this godforsaken world.

Probably there was an apocalypse that wiped out human species and leaving just a small number of people with peculiar but clearly useless jobs to fend for themselves in this barren life we called earth, or what was left of it. Alas, it was not the apocalypse that brought me the title of the last librarian on earth. Hmm, was it some sort of virus outbreak? Am I living in a walking dead kind of world? For some really odd reasons, the virus attack human and animals alike, turning them into flesh eating creature, and yet I was not attack by the virus, leaving me as the last librarian on earth. Again, that was not the case.

The case being as simple as technology advancement going out of control. Oh, you think that’s not possible? But scenarios like an apocalypse or weird zombie virus are possible? Oh, I weep for humanity.

So, here’s what happened. One day I woke up to go to work, much like the rest of my days before. I tried, and spectacularly failed might I add, to tame my ridiculously curly hair. Picked out the most vintage sundress that I own and rode my also vintage bike to my own personal sanctuary, the town’s library. You would think that working in a library would be fun and unique, right? No? Right, thought I’d might entice you to think otherwise. Of course working in a library is boring, who am I kidding?

No, really, I’m not kidding. All day and every day, all I ever do is just sit and sip my tea. You’d think I’d be going around rows upon rows of bookshelves telling people to lower their voices lest they disturb the other people, or that I’m busy stacking up books to its proper shelves, or that I’m tied up trying to call people and remind them that their books are overdue, or maybe I’m simply busy making calls to donors who might want to donate their books to the library or maybe money to renovate the library. Alas, that was never my job. I mean, it did said so, albeit vaguely, in my job descriptions, but who would I’s be screaming at if there never was a visitor to the library?

I’ve been working for the library for five years, and in the five years I’ve been here, I can use up all of my finger, both hands and toes, to count the number of visitors that came here. Sure, during the summer or if spring didn’t bring its monsoon, people would stop by and asked me, “Do you know where the (insert generic tourist attractions) is?” Soon as I answered their bloody repetitive questions, off they went, so obviously I can’t count them as a visitor to the library, right?

What do you expect from a small town library? Enough books about the town’s history, tables here and there, a barely functioning computer here and there also, and well that’s the bare minimum. Now, imagine having that sad excuse of a library to compete with HDTV, highly advanced phones and computers, not to mention tablets? Who would spend their free time to lounge around in a dusty and mouldy library, when they could lounge around anywhere in the world with the world itself at the tip of their fingers?

And so more and more libraries decide to close itself, turned the place into a warehouse camouflaged as a time capsule to remind people of what once was. And so there were librarians no more. What good is a librarian without a library? So next thing you know, more and more people stopped being a librarian and would take up jobs that had something to do with these technological advancement; repair person, content advisor, and other fancy names to call oneself when all one would do is just sit around in front of a screen, thinking of ways to keep other people locked up to their screens too.

So, there you have it. That is how I became the last librarian on earth. No apocalypse. No virus outbreak. Just a simple technological advancement that got out of hand. Well, maybe not so simple. But, what do you know? All you need to know is that you are glued to your screen of your choice, be it a phone, a computer, a laptop, or a tablet, and you’re reading my story, so all you can do is to believe. For all you know, I am just a curly haired librarian who has an affinity for everything vintage that spends her day just sitting and sipping tea in my small town library. You don’t need to know that maybe, just a little bit maybe, it’s not the technological advancement that made me the last librarian on earth, but maybe that was cause by a murderer running around all over the world hacking off librarian because the murderer is a crazy psycho who wants the exclusive title of the last remaining librarian in the world.

Just. A. Little. Bit. Maybe.

But, you won’t know for sure, now would you?

Yours truly, the last librarian on earth.

Work in fiction inspired by the character bank from PROMPTUARIUM.



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