Joyeux Anniversaire, Petty!

The big 3 and 0!

Pfft, like that means anything.

Dear Petty, you’re going to have tons of birthday wishes today, but none will be like mine. Ha! I’m not good with words nor with wishing people on their birthdays. It seems lame, my wishes that is. So, instead of lame ass wishes, I’m going to write (and post) this letter (turned blog post) to you. Here goes!

I think to call your three decades stint on earth crazy is an understatement. Calling it crazy would be putting it mildly, but I’m going to go with the word crazy for lack of better words. See, crazy can be good and bad. The good kind of crazy is fun to go back into when you want to look for good times; the bad kind of crazy is something you avoid like a plague but it is also the one that makes you stronger and more resilient. And if you look at it from a certain point of you, life is a lot like that, innit? Life can be both good and bad kind of crazy.

A lot can change in a week, imagine what can changed in the span of three decades! Loads! You, my sister, had changed a lot, both good and bad. But, fear not, for what is a person if they are not good and bad. Your good is what drawn people to you and your bad is something that people couldn’t handle but not enough for them to cast you aside. See how amazing you are? You are a pain in my arse growing up (I’m not putting words on our brother’s mouth but I’m pretty sure he’s with me on this one), but if things go south, I’ll be there to defend and help you. I’m pretty sure, your many friends will do the same if things called for it.

I think I may have gone astray with this letter. The purpose of this letter is to put a small dent (a nice dent, might I add) in your day. Amongst the many generic and customise birthday wishes that may come your way, I hope my letter stands out. This letter was not to be filled with me telling you how to live your life, because who am I to tell you what works or not. Having said that, I won’t stop myself from telling you to get the fucking grip, mate! You have got to seriously stop letting the negativity around you to get the best of you. Trust me, life is nothing but full of shitty half ass tosser who wants to bring others down, and if you let them do that to you, there’s no one else to blame but yourself.

Now, now, let’s not start creating a false sense of security (much like what our families, including us, have done the past years), I’m not saying everything that have gone wrong in our life is someone else’s fault, I’m just saying that more often than not when you let people’s negativity into your life, that’s when all shitty stuff starts to happen because people’s negativity really messed up our jam.

Here’s one last mumbo jumbo courtesy of yours truly; two years ago I made you a video filled with a snippet of an essay by Mary Schmich titled Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young. The essay was first published in Chicago Tribune on June 1, 1997, and I still think it resonates well with us today.

Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know what you want to do with your life. The most interesting people I know didn’t know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives. Some of the most interesting 40-year-olds I know still don’t.

Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know what you want to do with you life, if it makes you any better, I don’t even know what I want to do in my life. Just don’t lose focus on what makes your life meaningful, then hopefully one day we’ll know what we want to do with our life. Go have a look on the essay if ever you’re feeling down. It lifts me up each time I read it. Go and have a click on the title’s essay, it’ll take you directly to the essay.

So, without much else to say, I would like to congratulate you again on your birthday. Have a blast. Throw one or two (or more) middle fingers to the shitty ass things in life. Make a change where you can. Make peace where you can’t. Here’s one last advice (and I use the word very lightly), just keep your head above water in the sea of life if you’re still confused as to what to do next. That’s what most people do anyway.



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