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The life and times of dilchh in 2016

Happy new year! I know, I know, I was one day late but give me a break. Who would be writing a blog post literally on 1 January? Surely not me. I was too busy lounging around and contemplating that comes 3 January I will be back at work. 2017, why are you cruel to me already? That aside, I think most people are wishing that 2017 will not be as shitty as 2016. But, in all honesty though, was 2016 really that shitty? If you asked me, yeah 2016 was pretty shitty, especially if you look at what’s on the news. But if you look internally, look into your own life, had it been that shitty? Yeah, even my own life has been shitty in 2016… if I want to focus on the shitty parts. Look, I think at some point one has to stop scrutinising every wrong thing that had happened and maybe see that it wasn’t that bad afterall. To give you a little proof on what would happened if one decides to stop scrutinising about the many wrong things in one own’s life, I will show you this small year in review of yours truly (that I made for free in adioma, on hindsight I should have made this using the correct template but I was too lazy and I end up using the wrong template, but whatever, right? Less scrutinising, people!)

Okay, so maybe my life has not been worthy of any award (not to mention, mine has been random), but honestly it was not that shitty, right? Sure, not everything has been lollipops and rainbows; take February and May, gosh I have to be an opposite of myself to be excited about going back to work, and who would be happy when one’s best friend of nine years is constantly sick? But, take a look at the other months! All the way from June to September have been incredible.

See, surviving Eid Al Fitr is a big deal in my family. We tend to self destruct when put in the small confining space for more than four hours, so to have 2016’s Eid Al Fitr with no shout nor the need to imagine to strangle one own’s family member is a feat in all of its own. Come September, I read Harry Potter for the first time and I was forever changed. I spent what little I save from my paycheck each month to buy the whole series, granted I was spending more than I can save but I was happy. October was massively incredible because two good friends of mine sent me a care package full of Gudetama stuffs!

So, 2016 wasn’t so bad, right? The good months trumps the bad months. I’m still ambivalent on the last two months though. I got engaged in November and got married in December. It was not a forced marriage, if anything I am marrying my partner for five years, but damn the road to get there was anything but simple. RAM and I was surprisingly pretty chill about the whole thing, but my family was a freaking pain in my giant arse. So, until I made peace with the whole debacle following up to my engagement and marriage, I’m going to tip toe around good and bad for November and December.

Truthfully, however you looked at your life, depending on where you are at that point in your life, you’ll always going to be bias about your own life. I can be a tad bit positive about my life because I’m in a good place (although not for very long) because I took two weeks leave from work.

Here’s something that one can try, go and made some year in review and see if your life is really that bad in 2016.




2 thoughts on “The life and times of dilchh in 2016”

    1. Gudetama is my spirit “thing”(?), so I will forever be stoked about it. As for being in a good place, pfft let’s see what happens after going back to work tomorrow. Will look forward for yours, mate.


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