We’re moving!

No, no, I’m not literally moving somewhere. I am, however, moving the contents of dilchh writes in bahasa Indonesia to its own home. As much I have enjoyed (and believe me, I did enjoy it) writing in my own mother tongue, I believe that it breaks the purpose on having the posts posted on this blog.

I honestly did not plan to have this blog solely written in English, but seeing that this blog was first came to be during my stay in Korea and having to speak in English more often than my bahasa Indonesia, it became easier to converse and think in English. Now that I am back in Indonesia, I feel like I need to start writing in bahasa Indonesia too. And having both languages in this two blog seems a bit weird for me, therefore I’m moving all (there’s actually only three posts) of my posts in bahasa Indonesia to here.

Do have a visit to malasbertanya if you speak bahasa Indonesia and wants to see another glimpse of my weird life in its own glory, that is bahasa Indonesia.



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