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Ibu, the unsung hero.


Mom turned 59 two days ago. We went on an incredibly awkward family dinner to celebrate it. All three of us (my siblings and I) arrived fashionably late to the restaurant, intentionally. Because we went and get our Mom the cake, even though she doesn’t like cake; what’s a birthday without a cake, right? Although, while we’re on the topic, I would rather have a KFC chicken bucket in exchange of cake. But, this post is not about me. ‘Tis is about me Mom.

Mothers have it hard, don’t they? When they got married, society expects her to be the dutiful wife that she is.

Wake up earlier! Fry some eggs for the husband! Brew a cup of coffee for the husband! Damn, why don’t we all plant some coffee beans while we’re at it?

Who are these people in society to demand a wife to be like that? But became like that, a wife would.

Then mothers got pregnant, right? I know from friends’ experience that pregnancy is such a beautiful thing. It’s the building of bond between the mother and the child. Well, good on you.

But, it’s not always lollipops and rainbows, isn’t it? There’s the you can’t eat this because this is not good for the baby, and the oh my God no matter what I do I can never be comfortable because I’m bloating like a scared puffer-fish, and don’t get into the unspeakable pain of giving birth!! Oh the shivers down my spine!

But, mothers do it anyway, right?

Oh and you think that after the unspeakable horror that is giving birth, mothers have it easy? Pfft! Have you seen mothers breastfeeding?

I know that most mothers don’t complain about breastfeeding their child, if anything they actually enjoyed it very much. It has something to do with the bond and whatnot. But, you think breastfeeding is just about shoving up a mother’s nipple inside the baby’s mouth? Nope, it’s a lot more complicated than that.

When I was young, I overheard (oh I curse my eavesdropping nature!) an aunt complained about her chapped nipples because the baby was teething and was then biting the nipples. Oh the horror!!! THE. UNSPEAKABLE. HORROR. OF. CHAPPED. NIPPLES. BEING. BITTEN. AND. SUCK!!!!!

But, mothers do it anyway, right?

Then you would think once the children all grown up, mothers can finally relaxed and enjoy early retirement days from all those motherly duties (not to mention the wifely duties), right? Pfft!  Nope!

Wait ’till one of the kids screwed up, who would be the first to blame? Mothers, of course. It’s never the father is it? It’s always the mothers that aren’t competent enough in raising the children properly. It must have been because the mother is career-oriented and never at home to watch the child. Ugh, the double standard. It’s as if the mother impregnate themselves, and that’s why no fathers were at blame.

But, mothers took the blame anyway, right?

Maybe mothers are the unsung heroes. They’re the one doing the substantive works, yet were never recognised. I don’t know about the other mothers, but I think me Mom is one of the unsung hero.

I know this post started off like my usual ranting posts, but it’s not. This is a tribute to me Mom, however weird it may be (the tribute I mean, not me Mom).

Mom, happy birthday! I hope you had a blast on your birthday. Although this would never reached you (and let’s just keep it that way), I genuinely am happy for your birthday. I’m sorry I’m emotionally stunted and I end up looking obnoxious when I gave you my wishes and prayers on your birthday. Gosh, feelings made me weird. And even though it might seem like I’m not grateful for all the unseen deeds that you’ve done for me from since I was a tiny ass weird looking fetus, to the ill tempered youth, and the emotionally stunted adult that I am, I genuinely am. You might think that your incredible performances as a mother went unnoticed, but it’s not, okay?

Mom, stop scrutinising things. It won’t do you any good. Yeah, I think Imma close my wishes and prayers with that. When one stop scrutinising the details of life, and just take it by the hand, life would have been easier to live with. I guess. I don’t know, actually. It’s only been a couple of weeks that I’m trying out this stop scrutinising things.


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1 thought on “Ibu, the unsung hero.”

  1. Certainly, mothers do not have it easy and many appreciate it today. I have seen my colleague appreciating the housewife who takes care of home and child and heard it myself of how I manage home, kid and office.
    But mostly in a rural India, mother or women of the house is still an unsung hero.
    And I hope the trend to recognize, appreacite catch up!


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