Oh, the horror!


People romanticise travelling, moving away, going on adventures, and what have you. But, to actually pack your life for the next two years to come is just horrible if not like hell on earth. RAM’s going away to Abuja tomorrow, and whilst we both are somewhat excited about the prospect of experiencing new way of life and broadening our knowledge, it’s just nerve wrecking, having no knowledge whatsoever about Nigeria (apart from what we’ve googled so far).

Next to that, there’s always that ominous feeling about you must have left something behind when you’re packing, innit?

Have I got my undies? Yes.

Have I got all my shirts and pants? Yes.

Have I got all my documents? Yes.

Have I got all me electronic devices, along with their respective chargers? Yes.

Have I got my medicines? Yes.

Okay, then I’m good to go.

But, you always have that feeling that maybe you might have left something behind. The fact that you’ve been checking and re-checking everything and it seems that everything is in order still won’t calm your nerves. You still have that nagging feeling that you might have left something behind. And then you’re just going to end up stressing yourself to sleep.

Even as you have packed everything in order, there’s that fear of the unknown.

Are you going to like the new place?

Are you going to be okay?

It’s even more nerve wrecking when you knew that you’re only going to be together for a month before you went back home to Jakarta on your own.

Okay, that was a bit too real. That’s my own experience.

Whilst I’m beyond excited for RAM, I can’t help but feel a bit sad about being away (for the umpteenth time) from RAM. I’m worried about him being in Abuja on his own. I’m worried about myself being in Jakarta without him. Things start to hit my face full force when we start packing our stuff this morning. The whole apartment was in chaos because we’re throwing our stuff out to be catalogued and packed.

Wow! RAM and I are seriously going to Abuja tomorrow! What. The. Actual. Frick. Frack?


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