Impromptu writing

To err is human.


To err is human,

for what can a human do?

A mere mortal,

devoid of divinity.

The future bleak,

the past long gone,

and the present is ever so ominous.

Humans are prideful,

ever so sure of the destiny

written by their small hands.

But, destiny was never them

for the making nor the taking.

When the tide is too high,

when the doors are slamming too hard,

when the reality seeps in,

that is when a mere human


A/N. Impromptu writing is sentences tied together, sometime resulting in the most incomprehensible things. It is written without a plan at hand by continuously typing the things that crosses one’s mind. It was not meant to be understood, it is a practice for the mind when everything seems so clustered that one cannot control one’s own train of thoughts.


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