I bid you farewell.

It felt extremely unceremonious to just hug, held hands for mere seconds and waved at each other,

as if you’re going out for a loaf of bread or a carton of milk.

Had we been someone else,

had we been somewhere else,

I would have poured all the raging storms inside me,

for you to know how none of those cordial and polite gestures were enough.


we are who we are,

we are where we are,

and so only a wave was exchanged,

fingers were intertwined,

serene smile plastered on the face,

with years of longing in our eyes.

Abuja, 3 March 2017

A/N. Impromptu writing is sentences tied together, sometime resulting in the most incomprehensible things. It is written without a plan at hand by continuously typing the things that crosses one’s mind. It was not meant to be understood, it is a practice for the mind when everything seems so clustered that one cannot control one’s own train of thoughts.


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