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Friday Find(s): Hemingway App.

Life can be shitty, but for a serial complainer like yours truly, life is shitty most of the time. I can go on a full on rant about why life is shitty, but I’ll refrain it. What I’m trying to do right now is to find the smallest of joy in life’s shitty moments. I can’t promise that I’ll always found something, but when I do, it’ll go straight to Friday Find(s).

Every Friday, I’ll post about things that I’ve found in the past days that gave me joy to keep me going for another week. It could literally be anything. It could be something that you could enjoy, or just simply random things that’ll cause you to scrunch up your face and think, “that makes you happy? No wonder you think your life is shitty.”

Either way, I welcome you to have a glimpse of my life and the things that made me happy. At the end of each find, I’ll give a score of five grinning face emojis for the finds that made me extremely happy or stoked throughout the week, and one grinning face emoji for a so-so find.

Without further ado, this is my first entry on Friday Find(s).

Hemingway App!

Are you aspiring to be a writer? Or you just simply like the random internet finds? Either way, I think you’re going to love the Hemingway App.

I was having a writer’s block when I stumble upon this site. What this site basically does is help you to simplify your writing, and/or help you to make your writing a lot easier to understand.

If you feel like you’re struggling with your writing, you can use this app to see whether or not your writing is easy to understand. This app also works as your personal editor. If you’re anything like me, not comfortable in letting people see your work, you can use this app to perfect your work before it can actually goes to the hands of your reader. Honestly, I don’t always follow the suggestions that the app gives, because at the end of the day I have my own writing style that is nothing like Hemingway’s.

Oh, why it’s called Hemingway App? Because this app helps you to simplify your writing in a way that is as direct as Hemingway’s writing style.

I don’t always use this to check my fictions, sometimes I use this for my work email. At times, in the effort to be polite, I end up going on a roundabout way when conveying things, so this app really helps.

Click here to go and try out the Hemingway App.

So, how stoked was I throughout the week thanks to this find?



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