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Friday Find(s): Rock Bands

Another entry to the Friday Find(s), another minuscule discovery that have kept me going for another week. Last week, I stumbled upon a website that have helped me in writing, and whilst I don’t necessarily have been using it frequently, it was fun whilst it last.

This week, I stumbled upon several English and Scottish rock bands, of which I am already quite familiar with way back in 2013.

2013 was a dark time, I felt like a total failure. Every single plans I have ever made result in failure. I thought, things are going up after this. Oh, man, was I wrong..

Fast forward to October 2017, whilst it hasn’t been as dark as before (due to the fact I am much more oblivious to all shitty things being thrown at me), I feel like 2017 was not necessarily the best years.

But, 2017 was also the year that Nothing but Thieves, Biffy Clyro (okay technically it was in 2016), and Royal Blood release their new album, and I am stoked.

‘Tis my friend is one of the single from Nothing But Thieves’ (or NBT, for short) new album. I wished I could be more articulate, but I am never a good reviewer of music (nor books, I tend to just ramble along). But, take a listen to this, and one of my favourite songs (to date) from NBT, Wake Up Call.

Moving along, Biffy Clyro released their latest album in 2016, but I was very much preoccupied with unnecessary matters that it totally slipped past me. It was during the time I was wallowing in NTB’s new album that I noticed Biffy Clyro had actually realeased a new album. This is one of their single from their Ellipsis album, Flammable.

And this is Bibilical, one of my all time favourite angsty song from Biffy Clyro.

Right, next up is Royal Blood. They release their new album June of 2017, and this is one the singles from their How Did We Get So Dark? album.

I don’t know if being angsty is the way to survive the remaining of 2017, but it certainly kept my spirits high. Furthermore, I made a Spotify playlist specifically to get angry, full of (what I presume as) angsty song but definitely will keep you pumped up for the rest of 2017.

Have a look at my get angry. Spotify playlist to vamp up your week. I’ve got NTB, Biffy Clyro, Royal Blood, PVRIS, Catfish and the Bottlemen, and many more lined up for you to get angry and fired up.

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