The Human Mind.

The human mind is truly the scariest thing of all. It is capable of doing anything, so long as you are willing. The scariest part? It can do things without your consent.

Take Johanna.

Johanna was molested when she was young. She has no memory of it. She was so traumatised by it, she convinced herself that it didn’t happened. And so, her mind tells her that it never happened.

And then, there’s Gregory.

Gregory is a compulsive liar. The problem with his lies are that he believes it to be true. And so, his mind convinced him that the lies are indeed true; that when Gregory said he just ate dozens of waffles last weekend, he believed it wholeheartedly and he sort of felt nauseous from the idea of eating dozens of waffles.

You tell enough lies, you’ll believe it to be true.

Is it the mind’s doing, or is it you yourself who made it happened?

I am going on a quest to unfurl the mysteries of human minds.

Here in my laboratory, I have more than a dozen of samples.

Oh, what was it? You would like to see my samples?

I can’t very much disclose all my samples to you now, can I? My research is ongoing, I can’t risk other people discovering things that I should have discovered myself.

But, no worries, I am willing to show you some of my samples. After all, however am I going to convince you of my own research if I can’t show you some of my collected samples? This will be a very prominent research once I’m finished; it will be good promotion if someone of a high calibre as you gave some opinions on my research.

Please, please, come in and I’ll show you my samples.

Here is my sample number one, or previously known as Johanna House. I met her when she was doing therapy at my previous clinic. She was watching a movie where the character was sexually assaulted, and it might have triggered previous memories that were suppressed by her mind. I was so fascinated by it, I have to have her for my first sample.

Oh now, don’t look so alarmed Professor Ellis, Johanna here isn’t dead. I could never kill another human being. What kind of a scientist would I be if I kill another human being? Johanna, or sample number one, is in a vegetative state. I had to, you know, or else she’ll just thrash around and however am I going to get any useful data if she is constantly stressed out?

Come on, Professor Ellis, I’m about to show you my second sample. You’re not trying to steal my sample, are you?

Now, this is my my most cherished sample. I didn’t even have to force myself to get this one. He came on his own. This is Gregory Mason. The one I told you about the compulsive liar? He was fired from his company when they found out that he never actually did any project but was merely lying his way through. He came to me asking to be fixed.

How amazing was that?

A sample coming on his own free will? How often do you come by that?

Of course I told him I couldn’t fix him before I know more about his state. So I asked him to lie down and make himself comfortable, and that’s when I put him in a vegetative state. I had to, because if he’s not in this state, he would be too preoccupied in trying to fix himself pronto, and I would not have gathered useful information just yet.

Now, I can go on and show you all my samples, but that would take hours, and frankly I don’t have that much time. It was such an honour to have someone like you, Professor, coming down here to my lab.

You know, Professor, I’ve heard so many things about you. I heard that when you were young, many doctors diagnosed you with dyslexia, but lo and behold, here you are standing before me, the youngest and most prominent professor in the field of neurology. I bet those doctors who diagnosed you with dyslexia are hiding in shame, for how could someone with such brilliance as you be dyslexic?

And, of course, I don’t mean to intrude, but you may not know about this, but most if not all of my samples are people with troubled minds. You see, my research won’t be conclusive if I don’t use all available data and samples. And well, I don’t mean to be rude, a sample as magnificent as you is not yet present in my range of samples. And, well, you do understand right, that I must force myself on you and ask you to be my sample. You see, I don’t take rejection very lightly, therefore I must put you in a vegetative state, just like my other samples.

I hope you don’t mind this, Professor Ellis, sorry, I mean, sample number twenty-seven.

This story is inspired by this prompt.

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