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November bookish box

Last October, I tried my hands on a book subscription box, courtesy of The Bookish Box. There were loads of options to choose from; from the complete bookish box experience (consist of books, goodies, and t shirt), plus size box (for those looking for a plus size t shirts), adult book box, or just a book or just a t shirt.

I went with the YA and t shirt option, since I have no need for the goodies. I’m not big on accessorising, so best to just stick to the things I know best, that is reading a book and collecting t shirts. The box itself usually ships from USA on 17 of each month. My own box arrived in Bogota on 30 November, that was a close call and at that point prior to the arrival of the package, I already consider it a lost package.

Here’s a titbit about me; I love online shopping because when the stuff came it’s like getting a gift.

When the package arrived, I was out of town and a friend told me about it. I really couldn’t wait to come and open it.

The moment of truth!

November Bookish Box has the theme of Babes and Betrayals. Not so sure what that means, but my package comes with a YA book, Bad Girls with Perfect Faces by Lynn Weingarte and a navy t shirt. I honestly never heard of her before, but that could be because I don’t really read a lot of YAs, apart from the ones that are very famous. That being said, Lynn Weingarten actually has another book that is a New York Times bestseller, Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls, of which I did not know too.

Judging from the cover only, I think it might be interesting. But, I did took a peek into the first chapter of the book and I’m not sure it’s my cup of tea. Either way, once I finished my current read, I’ll probably give this book a try.

Next up is a navy t shirt with the saying, “The villain is the hero of her own story“. I just love the quote so much, but I’m not a big fan of the fonts used for the quote on the shirt. But, I can definitely see myself wearing the t shirt. The fabric itself is very comfortable, although it might be too thin for Bogota weather.

Okay, overall this has been a great try out. I’m looking forward for my next bookish box for December. It really does brighten up your day receiving a package of a book and a t shirt. If anything, now my apartment is going to have another book to brace its empty bookshelf.



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