November: in retrospect

Wow, November already? I honestly can’t say that I’m surprised. It’s only a matter of time that the year ends anyway. That being said, it means that I’ve been in Bogota for three months already. Three long excruciating months. Ah excuse the drama flare.

Not much had happened. It’s work, complained, work, and more complaining.

On another different topic, I’ve finished my 2017 reading challenge! Which is just crazy, because the last two years I would have finished the reading challenge halfway through the year, not a month before the year ends.

Do you know what that means?

That life happens. That when life happens, it struck you off of your axis. That if you don’t hold on tight, you lose everything you are familiar with. That sometimes you lose the comfort from things you love the most.

In my case, it’s reading.

Reading was hard to do. All I wanted to do was just to curl up and go be like Gudetama. And in case you don’t know who or what Gudetama is, may I present to you, my spirit animal (or food?).

Right, moving along..

Honestly apart from finishing my reading challenge before the year ends, which something I dread, not much had happened.

Okay, I lied.

I did get my Bookish box subscription on the 30th of November, literally on the last day of November! I mean, it’s not even November Box again if I received it on December, now would it? But, hey, count your blessings, girl. At least by the time I came back from Antigua, I was welcomed by a new book and t-shirt.

Whoa, wait, what?

Right, more on my trip to Antigua and the November Bookish Box experience later on a different post. If I’m not too lazy.

In the meantime, I want to enjoy the upcoming Christmas and the closing of 2017.

Oh, today is officially my fourth month in Bogota, actually. So, 32 months more?


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