It’s a day in a life of a woman.

Every 22 December, Indonesians celebrate Mother’s day. It was declared by Indonesians first President in 1959. The said day was chosen to celebrate the spirit of Indonesians women and to raise the awareness for nationalism. As time progresses, the day was then used to celebrate the day of mothers. These days, more youths are becoming aware of the origin of the said day, and have use it to celebrate the empowerment of women.

Whether you celebrate this day to commemorate your mother, or to celebrate the empowerment of women, you have to admit that being a woman is hard and it is not going to get any easier than this. So, stop getting into petty fights on Twitter, or Facebook, or whatever social media platform when someone use this day to celebrate their moms, or simply to celebrate women. This sound cliche, but we, women, must stick together if ever we want this world to be a much friendlier place for women.

How do we do that? I honestly don’t know, but I’m going to start doing these things, you are welcome to join, though.

Stop asking when a woman will be married.

Oh you think there are more pressing matters than complaining about being harassed about when one is going to be married? Trust me, this isn’t about whether or not there are pressing matters, but this is about dignity. How could a woman be striving in making an impact on their own name when on every turn they are being asked when will they be married, as if none of your achievements matter when you’re not married. Hell, you can found the cure for a cancer but if you’re a spinster, well you can kiss your achievements goodbye, because you’re only a second class citizen when you’re an unmarried woman. Remember, married is a choice.

Stop forcing a woman to have a child of their own, and whilst we’re talking about this, stop telling them that they’ll make a good mom just because they can hold a baby.

Why? Because it’s fucking stupid. A woman does not have to have a child just because they are women and that they are blessed with wombs. And, for the love of God and everything holy, stop telling them they should have a baby just because they can hold a baby. It’s holding a baby, for crying out loud! I-m not holding the world on my shoulder like Atlas did. Women are capable of thinking for themselves, and they are more than capable to make their own choices; don’t make choices for them. We’ll have babies when and if we feel like it, we don’t need you unsolicited advice.

Listen (and I mean listen well) when someone comes to you with a confession of being sexually harassed

Don’t dismissed their struggle by saying, “well at least you’re not raped”, or “well, you shouldn’t have worn a skirt in the first place”, or “you should have said no when he did that to you”. Trust me, sexual harassment is not as simple as you think it is. Sometimes the shock of being harassed paralysed you, sometimes you’re so full of anger you can’t think straight, and more often than not, you are so scared, you just closed up and pretend like things aren’t really happening.

I’m sure there’s plenty of other things that I can do to my fellow women, but I want to start small. I want other women to know that they have a friend in me. That I am fighting alongside them for the betterment of women. And I take no shit from people who dismiss us for the simple reason that, “oh well, you’re just a woman, what do you expect? You cannot take on the world when you have to be home and rearing kids and raise them as the future generation”

So, happy mother’s day to all the mother’s who gave birth to future generations, may you are blessed with health and tenacity to taught the kids of tomorrow the value of respect, love, and compassion, not only to fellow human being but to nature and animals.

Happy mother’s day to future mothers who are going to bring the future generations to this world, may you are blessed with strength and love to overcome judgement and hardship from others who are taking your hard work for granted.

Happy mother’s day to all the women in the world, whether you are mother, soon to be mother, or just a single woman fighting against the current, may we all are blessed with strength, tenacity, health, compassion, patience, and joy to fight for what is right, to fight alongside women, and to fight for a better and friendlier world for our future generations.

This day might be just one out of 365 days in a year, this might feel like a speck of dust in a galaxy, but make enough impact and your ripple will get wider, just like a small stone toss into water, its ripple grew bigger and wider. I want to believe that even though we only celebrate mother’s day once a year, the spirit and the torch will be carried on through until the next mother’s day and until the next and until the next, and so on.

Strong woman artwork on the cover designed by Freepik

Numbers designed by Freepik


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