December: in retrospect

Wow. 2018. I’m still reeling from it. I’m still not excited about life in general, but damn am I excited that finally I can kiss 2017 good bye. See you never. I know, it’s not good to look into the past, but I’m a firm believer that whatever you have today is the fruit of your yesterday, ergo humour me by looking back at whatever happened in December of last year (oh man, you have no idea how great it feels to type last year for 2017, ha!)

Who went to Antigua and Barbuda (for work)?

It was my first Caribbean country and surprisingly I am stoked about the trip. Sure, it was for work and it sucks (what else is new?) but I met up with a colleague who is an avid traveller and she made me woke up at 6 in the morning to catch some sunrise and to see what Antigua can offer before we went back to our respective destination (yes, I was there for four days and it was only on the last day of the whole trip that I got a time off to look around, FFS it was a business trip, what else can I do about it?)

Damn, Antigua was nice. I was also lucky to have stayed the night at a hotel which also to have host Prince Charles whilst he was in Antigue to check on the situation after Hurricane Maria (I don’t know why am I excited about staying in the same hotel as Prince Charles, it’s not like we’re staying in the same period, and for God sake, it’s Prince Charles we’re talking about here).

The weather was nice, the people were extremely friendly, and the sky…. Do not get me started. I might have lost several followers on Instagram because I was uploading loads of pictures of Antiguan skies. Whatever, it was gorgeous! Why wouldn’t you be mesmerised by it?

Who went to see fireworks and ended up trapped between sea of humans (even though one does not like crowds)?

I did! I don’t know what went over me. FFS, it was only fireworks! It’s not like I’ve never seen fireworks before in my life. I have seen it, and let me tell you, it wasn’t something that I would love to see again if it means I have to be trapped in a sea of humans?

Look, it’s not bad, it’s not good, it’s average. But man, what is up with the so many people? I cannot handle that much people! I was literally jostled every time there was a single movement somewhere. God! I literally hate it. But, okay, in the spirit of being adventurous and trying it out new things, I can now safely said I’ve seen the fireworks festival and I will not be coming back for more.

Thankfully, the whole trip did not only consist of watching the fireworks (and getting jostled in the sea of humans), but I also went and see Casa Terracotta, which basically is like what is sounds. It is a house made of terracotta, and it is designed uniquely, kind of reminds me of Casa Battló in Barcelona. It’s quirky but I can totally see myself living there, so that’s not a bad deal.

Aaaannndd…. that’s a wrap!

I mean, apart from travelling to Antigua and Barbuda, and watching the fireworks in Villa de Leyva, December past by somewhat calmly. I think people in general just wasn’t in the mood for working, so work wise, it’s quite calm (?).

December was bittersweet. I felt glad that it’s December because it means the year is ending and there’s that weird feeling that maybe the next year can be better (?), but at the other end of spectrum, I’m not sure I’m ready for the unknown. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for moving forward and just go straight to 2020, but the fear of the unknown is also scary, because it changes the status quo of the things that even though you may not like it, at least it’s predictable.

Either way, I have January to be prepared for. Gosh, I hope this will all be over before I knew it. Hardly, but what can one do but not hope?

Christmas tree photo designed by Freepik.


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