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January Bookish Box: Galactic Adventures

Though it might not be a galactic adventures, but this January Bookish Box is definitely an adventure on its own. My first foray into subscription box was back in November, and as I have mentioned on the post, the box itself was shipped from the US on the 17th of each month. Mine arrived on literally the last day of November. So, it still counts as November box. I skipped the subscription on December and I re-subscribe for the January box. I thought the same would have happened, that I would get my box on the last day of January, but oh no! The box arrived on 14 February 2018! I legitimately believe that the box was just lost or something. So, that explains the super late review of the January Bookish Box.

And it really doesn’t help that February was just so hectic.

The January’s theme was Galactic Adventures and as per usual I only subscribe for the book and the unisex t-shirt. I was beyond stoke for the book because it was a signed copy, although I don’t know when I would ever read it, because honestly I’m not a big fan of anything galactic, but it seems promising just judging from the first chapter (I took a sneak peak of it).

The t-shirt was a disappointment. The design is amazing, I love it, but I think they may have send me the wrong size. I deliberately chose the unisex large size, and whilst what I received was indeed a large size t-shirt, I don’t think it was the unisex t-shirt because the cutting is definitely for women and when I put it on, it was tight af, not like the one I got for my November box. So, shame on you for sending me the wrong size t-shirt, and if I still got the wrong size again for February box, I will definitely blast it to the outer galaxy and beyond.

Night sky photo from Freepik.


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