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Book review: The Garden of Three Hundred Flowers, by E. K. Johnston

Book cover from Goodreads

Rating: ⭐️⭐️☆☆☆

Title: The Garden of Three Hundred Flowers (A Thousand Nights #1.5)

Author: E. K. Johnston

Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Retellings, Short Stories, Young Adult

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From Goodreads:

An interstitial short story by E.K. Johnston set between her novels A THOUSAND NIGHTS and SPINDLE!

I honestly didn’t like it all. One good thing about it was that this was an incredibly short story, therefore I didn’t actually feel like I have invested too much time in a story that I didn’t like. From the very beginning, I already felt like I wasn’t going to like this story. It feels like it tries to hard to be different and heavy. I felt that the voice of the story sounded really pretentious, like it really tries too damn hard to be something else. There was no clear cut as to what the story was going to be about.

And honestly after reading both books from the series, I don’t think it was necessary to have this short story read, as the second book happened centuries after the first book and there were no mysteries or aspects to the story that needed to be addressed through this short story. That being said, yes, I was definitely not entertained whatsoever.

It’s a hard no from me. Like I’ve mentioned above, it was unnecessary to have read this short story, even if you’re big fan of the series (which I’m not, making an incredibly useless decision to have read this book).


2 thoughts on “Book review: The Garden of Three Hundred Flowers, by E. K. Johnston”

  1. Ah, that’s unfortunate. It’s a bit sad that it tried too hard to be something else. Did this story make you skeptic about anything the author might publish in the future or do you still have hope that a great story is still possible? 😀


    1. Honestly I don’t know, because I’ve only read three of her works, and whilst I like one of them, I didn’t like the other, and this particular short story cannot end the tie breaker. 😬

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