#FictionFriday: Children of the sun and chickens

A/N: This story is mostly inspired by my love of fried chickens. I have yet to be bored by constantly eating fried chickens. And yet, not a huge fan of sunbathing, or being under the sun in general, but after one in a half year of missing out on proper sweat, maybe I kinda miss it?

You would think that someone as pale as Gabi would hate the sun. Gabi is blessed with pearly white fair skin that probably never see the sun in all her life on earth; hair so black she looks like a walking cheeseboard, her pearly white skin against her jet-black hair; eyes so green with flecks of gold around the irises and a nose so arching, it’s like someone drew her instead random genes taking over.

But, you’re wrong; Gabi loves the sun more than anything. When the sun is at its brightest, you would find Gabi lounging on her sun longer at the back of her house facing directly to the sea. She would lounge with a bucket of fried chicken on her left arm, and her right hand would be holding the drumsticks. It’s not that she only eats fried chicken on sunny days, it’s just that she is at her finest when she lounges around under the sun with fried chicken in her hand.

Soon she will be joined by Stefan, also with his own bucket of fried chicken, the difference is that Stefan’s bucket only has chicken wings in it. He always jokes that with all the amount of chicken wings he had eaten in the course of his life, he should be able to fly by now. Or, float for a couple of seconds, at least.

Both Gabi and Stefan would do nothing but lounge quietly whilst eating their fried chickens from their respective buckets until the sun goes into hiding, and so they will too. Their neighbour always wondered what is it that Gabi and Stefan do for a living, because they seem to always at home during the day, and they always keep to themselves. The neighbour doesn’t even know if whether Gabi and Stefan were siblings or lovers. They were never affectionate with each other, but long-time partners tend to sour out after so many years together, right? But both Gabi and Stefan don’t even look past 35 years old, if they were lovers, at what age do they start going out now that they already look like they are bored with each other presence? If they were siblings, which one is the oldest amongst them two? They honestly look like they’re the same age, but could not possibly be twin, though both are as pale and have the same jet-black hair.

It’s not like Gabi and Stefan don’t know about the curiosities that spark amongst their neighbours, or the prying eyes of their neighbours whenever they start to lounge around on the weekend with their buckets of fried chicken. It’s just that Gabi and Stefan feel no need to have to explain anything; “they’re not asking, so they’re not going to get answers,” Stefan always said whenever the prying eyes get too much, which is quite often on hot summer weekend where it seems like almost everyone is out at the beach. But today was different, Gabi was cranky because she had just received an invitation for the annual gathering of their kind and she really does not want to go to the cold and bleak castle where the gathering always held at; Stefan was also not in the good mood because going to annual gathering means meeting his old lover, Andrei, and he’s still very much single after breaking things up with Andrei eight years ago.

Amidst their joined bad mood and the curious prying eyes of their neighbour, both Gabi and Stefan finally lost their temper. Stefan was the first, when he finally put down his bucket of chicken wings, something he rarely do unless necessary, and look straight at the eyes of their neighbour to the left, the Joneses.

“What seems to be your concern Mr Jon that you need to keep staring at me and my sister? Shouldn’t you be watching your kids down at the beach rather than worrying about out fried chicken intake? If that is what you are curious about,” Stefan half shouting as he challenged the question to Mr Jon who fumbles about with his glass because Stefan clearly caught him staring for close to 20 minutes at him and Gabi.

“Alright, that’s it,” Gabi said as she too put down her bucket of fried chickens and stood up and pick up her megaphone on her left. Don’t even ask why she has a megaphone ready next to her. “Alright people, listen up! I know you are all curious about us and our bizarre obsession for lounging and eating buckets of fried chicken. I will now put everything to rest. My name is Gabi, and this is my brother, not by choice merely by chance, Stefan. We are not blood related, thankfully, but if you so much as hurt him, I will come for you. We’re a new breed of vampires, we don’t live off of blood, but of sun and chicken. Live chickens are gross and messy to eat, so we resort to eating fried chickens. No, we are not going to eat you because clearly, we found the sight and smell of blood repulsive. Now, if you can all just flee in terror after finding out that you are neighbour to two vampires, that would be greatly appreciated.”

True to that, they all run in terror. But after two weeks of solitude for Gabi and Stefan, things start to return to normal. Their neighbours aren’t afraid of them, because Gabi and Stefan really are not like what you have been taught to know about what vampires are. They are even very friendly to Gabi and Stefan, inviting them for barbeque and dinner, with chickens on the menu for them. Eventually, Gabi and Stefan became somewhat of a local celebrity amongst the neighbours, regaling them with stories of the places and people that they’ve encountered in the 500 years they have been a vampire. They never tell the origin story on how they become one or why they survive only from sun and chicken. Maybe it’s another mystery waiting to be unfold when both are in a bad mood again.

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