April, what’s good?

Okay, ten days late into the party, and I genuinely thought I would put out this post in time, you know April being my month or whatever. I feel like using work as an excuse (or reasoning, whichever you prefer) is getting old. Let’s just say that life happened and a lot of things are changing its course however it pleases.

Right! Now that it is out of the way, let’s get to the real question.

April, what’s good?

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The Liar in the Elevator (Trash Trio #2)

“You saw him what now?”

This was something that is too good to be true, there is absolutely no way Ru would believe this blonde girl who also happens to be the daughter of Mr Langley, the rudest adult she had ever met in her life, would have something important to share, with her and Max no less. She felt a bit calmed as she looked at Max, and he had the same skeptical look on his face, albeit he covers it well as if he was not as intrigued as Ru was with what Jean had said.

“I saw him, Mr Bob I mean. I saw him in front of my house the night before he was found dead,” Jean said again as her eyes darted left and right looking worried as if someone might heard the three of them.

“What did he want? Why did he go to your house? Did you hear anything they talked about?” Max was barreling with questions, and yet he still manages to look like he’s not interested in what Jean had said, as if it might not have helped his uncle’s situation. Ru is most definitely intrigued. Is Max not as naive as he always made himself out to be?

“What? Like you’re not going to ask the same questions, Ru? Jean, is it? How can we trust you? For all we know, you’re the daughter of the man who, more than anything, only wants this so-called scandal to not be associated with his business, and not to mention that he was so rude to the lady that was with him at the police station the other day. My Mum said, you shouldn’t trust people who are rude to other people.”

Ru was sure something is off with Max, he never talks this much except for when he’s frustrated by his math home works, and that is mostly because he hates numbers.

“You’re right, my Dad is not the nicest person when it comes to his work, but I am not him, okay? You can’t judge me based on who or how my Dad acts. I’m telling you because something does not add up, and I love mysteries, and I think the both of you would want to know about what I saw and heard after I saw Mr Bob came to our house.”

“Wait, this really does not make any sense,” Ru was almost screaming at this point. Everything was swirling inside her head, Ru thinks this could probably what it means when adults are experiencing what they called information overload. First, the strange girl, Jean, showed up saying she had something to tell them relating to Mr Bob’s death. Second, who and what have they done to Max? He’s not talkative per se, but he’s like an entirely different person the moment Jean showed up.

Both of them looked at Ru with huge eyes as if it’s about to pop out of their eye socket, and with incredible reflex both Jean and Max took both Ru’s hands whilst putting everything on the table inside Ru and Max’s bag, and they just drag Ru away from the library right before the librarian even managed to tell them to be quiet for the second time.

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March Bookish Box: Cover Lust

Guys, before April ends, I need to share one good thing that happened in April. Okay, one of them actually.

Remember how I always got my Bookish Box very late? It would take more than 30 days for each box to arrive. At this point, I have made peace with it, because maybe it would take forever for it to arrive. That being said, my ungrateful ass still complains about how could a book shipped from the UK to Indonesia took a month would made more sense because the UK and Indonesia is so freakishly far, than why a book shipped from the US to Colombia would also took a month. It is not that far!

Anyway, something amazing happened, because my March Bookish Box arrived in 24 days after it was shipped! That is the first, especially putting into account that my February Bookish Box arrived one month and 19 days after it was shipped. So, do you get how excited I was about this?

Either way, I got my March Bookish Box early (compared to previous boxes, of course) and i am stoked. But, like all good things, there’s got to be at least one thing to complain about, and this month I’m complaining about the T-shirt’s size, again!

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I tried the Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment and I’m confused.

I have been incredibly swamped with work and unnecessary social events that I really didn’t have the time to post another round of me trying out sample products. Just to be clear, I did post some book reviews amidst the chaos that is my life, but let’s be frank here; this blog was supposed to be a book review blog, so surely I should be able to squeeze however small a time I have in writing a book review. That being said, I actually owe two book reviews and instead I chose to write about this confusing experience that I have with Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment (KCET).

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