#FictionFriday: The Black Bra

A/N: Honest to God, I do not know what this mess of a story is about. But, one day at work after me and my mates came back from lunch, we were walking past this old decrepit house. That house is vile, you know? We’ve seen actual feces, human feces not animal feces, left on the side of the house. We even saw an actual live human being taking a shit next to the house on broad breaking daylight like it’s nobody’s business. I kid you not. Anyway, on that day we were all joking about what possible disgusting thing we would find next to the house, lo and behold, an actual black lace bra! Yep, someone thought that maybe their bra is not good enough that they’re just going to throw it out on the street? So, that is the inspiration behind the story and I wished I had written it better but I’m a firm believer that whatever I wrote, and however shitty that was, I’ll stick by it. Here goes. That being said, I am sorry for this mess of a story.

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Rambling about books

Book review: In Search Of Us, by Ava Dellaira

Book cover from Goodreads

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️☆

Title: In Search Of Us

Author: Ava Dellaira

Genre: Contemporary, Fiction, Young Adult

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The Brightest Star

People think that sitting on a grass on a summer night whilst stargazing is romantic, if not a beautiful experience. Truth be told, it’s nothing close to beautiful when you’re busy swatting the many bugs swarming over your naked arms and legs.

And yet, I’m still here anyway, swatting bugs and mosquitoes over my naked arms and legs. I would have worn a jacket but it’s summer and I’m already sweating from the heat. I could have worn longer pants, but even with shorts, my thighs are already sticking together like caramel from the sweat pooling up. I would rather be home but I don’t know how to say no when all my friends said that stargazing is the ultimate summer activity. Yeah, I don’t buy that. What part of getting swarmed by mosquitoes and bugs in a remote place screams the ‘ultimate summer activity’?

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things you may not want to know but I'm telling you anyway

Happy birthday, Ayah.

As I pedal my bike on my way to work, I can feel the sweat sliding down the side of my face. I can also feel the snot winding its way down my nose, as it was a cold morning that day. I struggle with my breathing; I haven’t biked to work in quite some time. I told my beating heart to steady itself, lest I would collapse from the exercise itself. After quite some time, I have found my rhythm and biking became easier as I got nearer to the office.

On my way back home, the ride was easier as the road goes downhill. I feel the scream of the night’s wind in my ear; relishing the freedom that biking had given me the past few months. As I rode the bike, I thought that after one in a half year in Bogota, I have finally found the one thing that keeps me grounded, biking. I am glad that I knew how to ride a bike.

And that is when it hits me, my dad had taught me how to ride a bike. Insist on it, might I add.

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