Book review: Whore Stories: A Revealing History of the World’s Oldest Profession, by Tyler Stoddard Smith

Do you believe in destiny? I don’t, especially when good things happen to people I hate. Then again, when good things happen to people I love, I usually end up hating them for their success in the long run anyway. So maybe that’s destiny.


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It’s a day in a life of a woman.

Every 22 December, Indonesians celebrate Mother’s day. It was declared by Indonesians first President in 1959. The said day was chosen to celebrate the spirit of Indonesians women and to raise the awareness for nationalism. As time progresses, the day was then used to celebrate the day of mothers. These days, more youths are becoming aware of the origin of the said day, and have use it to celebrate the empowerment of women.

Whether you celebrate this day to commemorate your mother, or to celebrate the empowerment of women, you have to admit that being a woman is hard and it is not going to get any easier than this. So, stop getting into petty fights on Twitter, or Facebook, or whatever social media platform when someone use this day to celebrate their moms, or simply to celebrate women. This sound cliche, but we, women, must stick together if ever we want this world to be a much friendlier place for women.

How do we do that? I honestly don’t know, but I’m going to start doing these things, you are welcome to join, though.

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Friday Find(s): Why do you feel so down?

The beauty of being stuck in traffic (so long as you’re not the one driving, or you’re not in a hurry, or you’re not in dire need of a toilet break) is sometime you could stumble upon a great tune when you least expect it. Take this instance as an example, I was stuck in traffic this morning (obviously I was not driving, nor do I in need of a toilet break, but I might be in a hurry as I was on my way to work), I was just randomly listening to Spotify when I stumbled upon, Declan McKenna’s Why do you feel so down?

This was one of those songs that when you first listen to it, you would think that this is such a great tune to jam or to dance to. But, take a moment to listen to the lyrics, and you’ll realise, the song is not as fun as you thought it was. It has this cheesy pop tunes that is actually would make this song a proper tune to wake up in the morning. The lyrics, though..

The lyrics are somewhat self-deprecating, but seems very fitting of where I am right now.

No. No. I’m not looking for pity and going all “oh-woe-is-me”, but take a look and this part, “I’ve gone weak and I’m sick of speakin’.” But at the same time, the lyrics were sung with such a cheery and cheesy pop tune that you don’t really feel incredibly self deprecating.

Either way, this song is the song of this week and I am very stoke to share this as my Friday Find. I haven’t been writing a lot for Friday Find, and to my defence, I was not really around for the last two Fridays, so I’m going to make it up with this song.

So, if you’re into self-deprecating song but not necessarily a big fan of sad tunes that brought you unnecessary tear, I would totally recommend this song. And the video itself is not a bad thing to watch, pretty enjoyable and fitting to the song, I think. Cheery but a bit deprecating at the same time.

Morning workouts on TV? Who does that?

Hope you enjoy this song as much as I need and I hope that this song will get you through the week, like it did to me.

Musical note in the cover is designed by Freepik


2017 in books

18 days to the end of 2017, and I’m pretty sure loads of people are getting themselves busy, what with shopping for Christmas gifts, or preparing for NYE, or if you’re like me, you’re busy collecting your life in 2017 in as many forms as you can have.

I don’t know if you’re into compiling the top nine photos of your most liked Instagram photos, but you can definitely do that if you’re up for a bit of a humble brag.

I’m not gonna lie, when your life is just series of complaints, like your truly, the only thing that’s a bit of a look up nearing the end of the year is to humble brag about the things you’ve achieved. But, then I realised, I haven’t achieved a lot this year. Not only it took me almost eleven month just to finish my Goodreads reading challenge, but I pretty much spent a close to two months worth of wallowing in self pity. What a great 2017, eh?

Either way, since this blog started of as a book review blog (turned into ranting blog too, somewhere along the way), let’s start my year in review through a look back on some of the books I’ve read this year. I’ve made an infographics to simplify it, and to cater to those of you who are not big on reading too much words in a blog post.

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November bookish box

Last October, I tried my hands on a book subscription box, courtesy of The Bookish Box. There were loads of options to choose from; from the complete bookish box experience (consist of books, goodies, and t shirt), plus size box (for those looking for a plus size t shirts), adult book box, or just a book or just a t shirt.

I went with the YA and t shirt option, since I have no need for the goodies. I’m not big on accessorising, so best to just stick to the things I know best, that is reading a book and collecting t shirts. The box itself usually ships from USA on 17 of each month. My own box arrived in Bogota on 30 November, that was a close call and at that point prior to the arrival of the package, I already consider it a lost package.

Here’s a titbit about me; I love online shopping because when the stuff came it’s like getting a gift.

When the package arrived, I was out of town and a friend told me about it. I really couldn’t wait to come and open it.

The moment of truth!

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