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I’m listening to Backstreet Boys’ Greatest Hits this week.

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The year was 2018 and I was on my way to work when this amazing podcast that I was listening to said that The Call from Backstreet Boys was one of the best song from BSB, ever. And guess what? They were right, because The Call was a classic. It has everything from the really unnecessary phone call in the beginning of the song that sets the story for the whole entire song to the beat and the lyrics.

You know what? From that simple realisation, I went on a rabbit hole to literally listening the Backstreet Boys’ Greatest Hits (aptly titled Chapter One, as if there’s a promise that there will be more chapters in the future), and guess what? I realised that I miss it. I miss listening to sappy and incredibly cringing pop songs back in the 90’s and early 00’s.

That being said, I will now continue by trip down the rabbit hole by laying it out in the open all the songs from Backstreet Boys’ greatest hits album. Ah what a time to be alive. At 30 years old I can now unashamedly admit I do like some of those cringing BSB’s songs, whereas my 13 year old self would never be caught alive listening to BSB. What a rude little shit I was.

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I really have no idea

Friday Find(s): Rock Bands

Another entry to the Friday Find(s), another minuscule discovery that have kept me going for another week. Last week, I stumbled upon a website that have helped me in writing, and whilst I don’t necessarily have been using it frequently, it was fun whilst it last.

This week, I stumbled upon several English and Scottish rock bands, of which I am already quite familiar with way back in 2013.

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