November, what’s good?

Four days late, but I have a completely good reason for the lack of posting and for being late this month. I have been on a two weeks holiday to meet up with my husband. We met up in Tokyo, Japan, along with our two friends also. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for the holiday, for a break from the constant misery of living alone in Bogota. That being said, the downside to going on a holiday is that when one is back, one is overcome with extreme holiday hangover. Waking up this morning at 6.30 AM, after going to sleep at 2.00 AM (I’m guessing it’s the jetlag taking over), made me feel like in a daze. Just a day before, I woke up to the grey sky of Tokyo, accompanied by the hustling and bustling of everyone going to work on a Monday morning, and comes Tuesday, I am on my bed, in my apartment, opening my curtain to the blue sky of Bogota and I feel nothing but dread.

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October, what’s good?

Do you know how each week I exaggerated things, by going on to say, “oh this has been a crazy/hectic/roller coaster month,” but then come the next month I would probably say the same thing about the month at hand? Yeah, I know, I do that a lot, but I kid you not, October is just bizarrely crazy, hectic, and such a roller coaster. It’s the triple threat of a month!

Okay, dilchh, calm yourself down. Surely it’s not that much, eh?

But, see, the thing is, October is really just crazy! And hectic! And such a roller coaster!

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August, what’s good?

Photo by energepic.com

Happy 73rd Independence Day, Indonesia! For years, I have not been paying attention to my own country’s independence. It always seems like an empty rhetoric. I mean, I have always been a pessimist celebrator of big holidays, so it wasn’t a surprise. But the past three years, for some reason I have been trying to be more involved in the spirit of independence day. I will never fully embody the fiery spirit of the people before me, fighting for our independence after being colonised for so many years by so many different nations, but I would like to believe that I still have a fighting spirit in me to fight for independence, because let’s get real here; we might be independent as a nation, but there are still many aspects of our lives that are still being colonised. That being said, this month is my fighting month. I fought and I lost, but it will not deter my fighting spirit. Without further ado, Augusts, what’s good?

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Get to know me.

Get to know me: I am more than what my gender dictates me out to be.

What does it mean to be a girl? I have been a girl and identified as one for 30 years, and yet I still don’t know what it means to be a girl. I am more concerned about what it means to be human, or to be completely frank, I just try to survive each day without having an existential crisis.

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