February, what’s good?

It’s insane to think that in just 28 days I have gone through one of the worst roller coaster ride of 2019, and it’s not a literal roller coaster, in case you’re wondering. Oh you think I am exaggerating? Well, I’ll list it for you and I’ll let you be the judge.

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October, what’s good?

Do you know how each week I exaggerated things, by going on to say, “oh this has been a crazy/hectic/roller coaster month,” but then come the next month I would probably say the same thing about the month at hand? Yeah, I know, I do that a lot, but I kid you not, October is just bizarrely crazy, hectic, and such a roller coaster. It’s the triple threat of a month!

Okay, dilchh, calm yourself down. Surely it’s not that much, eh?

But, see, the thing is, October is really just crazy! And hectic! And such a roller coaster!

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September, what’s good?

Here’s what happened in September.

Oh I’m sorry, were you expecting the usual mumbo jumbo and then for me to ask, September, what’s good? Well, not this time. I have too many things to say type, I really can’t be bothered to type complete and utter nonsense. Well, without further ado, here’s the highlight of my September.

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things you may not want to know but I'm telling you anyway

It’s a hard no from me.

Ah you know what? It’s been days (DAYS, I tell you) since I last post a rant in this blog. As much as I have enjoyed writing book reviews and monthly updates about my life, by the very nature of my own existence, I’m a serial complainer who loves to rant. That being said, I do feel like I need to throw in a ranting post into the mix. But, then the question arise, what should I be ranting about?

Why, of course, why don’t I rant about my childless marriage?

Why? Must we? Aren’t you bored already? We all get it, you don’t want kids, dilchh.

Oh yeah, I heard you alright. But, hold up, let me explain the reasoning behind the writing of this post. This morning (on my part of the world) I was gossiping away in the group chat with my uni friends about a local celebrity who campaigns about raising your kids naturally (whatever that means). A lot of people hates the way this local celebrity simplifies raising a child in this world. I went into the rabbit hole of going through one particular IG account that exposes her lies and her laziness. Boy, that takes commitment, I tell you.

I can tell you I’m just glad I have no kids. Right, not the point. Moving along.

I remembered an aunt of mine who is not married and has no children of her own. She told me that she considers my siblings and I as her next of kin, so should anything happened to her, she would want to give everything she has for me. Which made me think about my own self. I once told my sister to go and get married and have kid(s), because I would also need a next of kin for which I will give my will to.

Let’s get real here, I don’t think neither my brother nor me would produce our offspring anyway, so the likelihood of that happening is zero. The closest one would be my sister. Okay, I’m rambling now. Anyway, when I got to work today, I saw this on BuzzFeed, Things People Without Children Are Very, Very Tired Of Hearing. Safe to say I read 24 of those things and honestly I’ve had most if not all 24 of those things thrown at me. And that is why, I will do commentary as if this was said to me.

See? Not all of my rants aren’t fun. Sometimes I can be fun too.

So, without further ado, here’s my rant. Also, do stop by here for my very first rant about not wanting to have kids. #ShamelessPromotion

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August, what’s good?

Photo by energepic.com

Happy 73rd Independence Day, Indonesia! For years, I have not been paying attention to my own country’s independence. It always seems like an empty rhetoric. I mean, I have always been a pessimist celebrator of big holidays, so it wasn’t a surprise. But the past three years, for some reason I have been trying to be more involved in the spirit of independence day. I will never fully embody the fiery spirit of the people before me, fighting for our independence after being colonised for so many years by so many different nations, but I would like to believe that I still have a fighting spirit in me to fight for independence, because let’s get real here; we might be independent as a nation, but there are still many aspects of our lives that are still being colonised. That being said, this month is my fighting month. I fought and I lost, but it will not deter my fighting spirit. Without further ado, Augusts, what’s good?

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Get to know me.

Get to know me: I’m an obstinate headstrong person.

Photo by Swapnil Deshpandey from Pexels

There will come a time where you’ll encounter a battle that for others seem petty and unimportant, but the very essence of you as a human being lies in fighting this battle, regardless of the outcome. I have just encounter mine. And I have decided to not go down without a fight. This is the story.

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July, what’s good?

You know what? I thought June was already a special month for me, what with the whole Eid Fitr and meeting up with RAM in our long awaited vacation, but apparently July was also a special month. Why, you asked? Because if I’m talking about the technicalities of me being in Bogota, then technically I have fulfilled my one year out of three years assignment in Bogota. Woo bloody hoo! Now, do tell me that you can understand how this is a special thing worth celebrating.

But, much like everything else in life, not all is good and smooth sailing. There are bound to be bumps along the way, and for sure, July is not exempt from those so called bumps. Was it bumps or just a bump? We’ll see, in the mean time, let’s the drop the question.

July, what’s good?

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