🤦🏻‍♀️ Do you ever hate someone so much, you literally wish they could just die, right there and there?

Yikes, you don’t want to be wishing someone’s demise.

🤦🏻‍♀️ Why wouldn’t I? If I hate them so much, I really wouldn’t be crying when they’re gone.

So, presumably we encounter a genie right now, and the genie asked you for a wish, you would wish for someone’s demise? And this someone is someone that you hate?

🤦🏻‍♀️ Well.. maybe? Depends on how many wishes I get. If I only get one, then I’d probably be wishing for something else.

You’re seriously thinking to wish someone’s demise?

🤦🏻‍♀️ Damn it. It’s not like it’s a surprising thing. It’s not like I wished for my worst enemy to win the lottery. That, my dear, would be surprising.

Yeah, also unlikely to happen.

🤦🏻‍♀️ As unlikely as we would encounter a genie, I suppose.

Do you really would ask for someone’s demise if you met a genie, though? For real?

🤦🏻‍♀️ Of course not, because let’s get real here. If ever I met a genie, and surely no real genie would look like that genie from Aladdin, I would have runaway because that surely is too scary for my fragile heart.

Okay, let’s assume the genie is like the one in Aladdin, would you still be asking for that?

🤦🏻‍♀️ Why are you so hung up on that? I don’t know, but I am considering the possibility of that. Assuming the genie is not going to judge me for my wish, and there are no spillover from my wish, then maybe, emphasis on the maybe, I would wish for someone’s demise.


🤦🏻‍♀️ Because I’m only human? And I am not immune to the prospect of vengeance with no repercussion.

I am incredibly glad we haven’t met a genie yet, because I shudder imagining what you would have done. I really do.

A conversation with oneself in response to the Daily Post writing prompt, genie.


Yesterday was Friday the 13th, and I am the devil incarnate

Happy birthday to yours truly. I have reached peak adulthood (although I don’t feel close to being one, what else is new, right?). The big 3-0 is peak adulthood, because now that you’re 30 you don’t get to do stupid shit and get away with it like in your 20s. No, Sire, you will be held accountable, if not by society then by your own personal moral compass. After the 30s, comes the 40s where everything is just shit, especially if you’re a woman.

Well, hello there menopause. What was it that you say? I will not have my periods anymore? Oh well cheers, then! Wait, what? I must go through night sweats, hot flashes, trouble sleeping, moodiness, and be forgetful, just to name a few? Fuck you, menopause, and periods for that matter.

And don’t even get me started on being in your 50s, well because I don’t know.

Either way, I have hit the big 3-0 and all those heebie-jeebies sort of evaporated. It’s not to say I know what to do about my life like a good normal 30 year olds would be, but now I really don’t care (or at least, I try to care less).

You ain’t got your own house in your 30s? Fuck if I care.

You ain’t got no bajillion savings in your bank account after almost a decade being in the workforce? Fuck if I care.

Look, point is, there are a lot of things that’ll fuck me up big time if things don’t go right (according to society’s standards) for me. I could spend what little time I have left in this world worrying about it. I know this sounds naive, but I honestly am trying to just be content with I have and where I am today. Sure, there are lots of shitty things happening, but I could be the richest person alive and there’s always going to be at least one thing that is so shitty, it’ll fuck up my entire day. So, that’s fine. Life is supposed to fuck you up, big or small, depending on your karma, I presume.

Okay, that being said, this year’s turning of age is so bizarre. Years before, a month leading to my birthday I would have things prepared, from what I would and probably would not be doing, down to whose face I’m willing and not willing to see on my big day. This year, none of that occurs. Well, we can collectively blame it all on work and how it sucks. Without going to intimate details on why work is particularly suck this time of the year, I have reached the state of I-really-don’t-give-two-fucks and I’m curious what other shitty stuff the universe is going to throw at me to ruin my birthday now that I honestly have given up.

And this year I am turning 30 ffs! It’s a feat of its own that I really have given up altogether.

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March, what’s good?

Despite the fact that there are no national holidays in April (okay, there is actually one but it’s on a Saturday, so that’s just practically nonexistent, right?) I am still stoke that we are entering the fourth month of this year. Do you know what that means? It means, (1) I am just four months away from celebrating my one year anniversary of moving away from home, and (2) I am two months away from reuniting with RAM (okay, I might have miscalculate the meeting time with RAM when I did the February, what’s good? post but whatever).

So, without further ado, March, what’s good?

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February, what’s good?

You would think that February being identical to anything lovey dovey due to the fact there’s the Valentine’s Day would be filled with everything gooey, romantic, or whatever overly sweet stuff you can think of. But, not for yours truly. This has been one hell of a crazy month. I mean, you would think being the shortest month in the year, this will be a smooth sailing chill kind of month, but oh no. It’s like, why would you let people have fun when you can work them to death? Okay, that was an exaggeration, but it is not entirely off base, so to speak.

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19 thoughts I had watching The Post.. or why I think reading is important.

So, just yesterday I decided to watch The Post. To be perfectly fair, I hadn’t even seen the trailer yet, but it has Tom Hanks in it, so it must have been good, right? As I was waiting in line for the tickets, I googled the trailer and I was interested head on. It seems like it was going to be my cup of tea. And whilst the movie quite resembles a flat line, in the sense that it doesn’t have any highs nor lows, I still quite enjoy the movie. I mean, you know about the story, there wasn’t going to be any surprise there, right?

Well, I was wrong, because I was definitely surprised (and not in a pleasant way) throughout the movie. Here’s what I think..

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January, what’s good?

I realised that since about two or so months ago, I have been incredibly salty about a lot of things. It has taken me to a lot of dark places. No. Not places without electricity, but a figuratively dark places. I’ve been questioning about what’s the whole purpose of me being in this world? And no, I wasn’t asking the question to be philosophical. It was the kind of thing you would ask when you’ve had enough of life in general.

The #RetrospectSeries started as something about reflecting on what the past month was like for me. Were there things that I overlooked that would have meant something bigger for the days to come? Were there anything that I have took for granted? But, the last couple of months, it has come to my attention that I no longer reflect on the past month, I was merely complaining, whining, and ranting about how shitty my life was.

And honestly? I’m not even going to deny it. Maybe it’s the whole moving away thing, maybe it’s the whole new job thing, maybe it’s the whole long distance marriage thing, or maybe I have just had about enough with life. Take your pick.

Whatever the reason may be, I honestly am having enough five months worth of shit thrown at me, and I’m not happy. And I’m allowed to be unhappy. I don’t give two fucks if it’s going to make me sound like an ungrateful shit, because maybe I am. See if I care what people think of me.

That being said, I realise it wouldn’t be wise to pretend that the #RetrospectSeries will be the space where I reflect. I have to say, I quite enjoy writing an update of my life for once a month (if an occasional shitty event didn’t call for its own specific post), but since I think I am going to be incredibly salty for the next years to come, I have decided that there will no longer be #RetrospectSeries. I’ll keep the category name as it is because I’m too lazy to change it, but starting this month, all of my so called #RetrospectSeries will no longer be titled <insert month’s name>: in retrospect, but will be <insert month’s name>, what’s good? inspired by Nicki Minaj’s call out to Miley Cyrus at the 2015’s VMA.

Cut me some slack, I love me some good pop culture memes.

I feel like calling out the months like what Nicki did to Miley is so fulfilling! Like, I’ve had it with your bullshit, and now I’m calling you out.

Okay, now that is out of the way, let’s see what January did to me.

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Happy birthday, Ibu.

Mom’s birthday was yesterday, and I wish I had done something special for the birthday. Alas, I didn’t.

I guess she’s allowed to brood, this one time. Because, not only she has huge dramatic flair, I think a person is allowed a one day where one can brood if things don’t go out their way, that day being one’s birthday.

But, my Mom was never big on celebrating birthdays. She finds it frivolous, so to speak.

Either way, I want to congratulate my Mom on her 60th birthday.

Okay, full disclosure, I legit had to use a calendar to count my Mom’s age. I genuinely thought this was her 50th birthday. What the fuck, dilchh?



How did it happened?

How did my Mom grew so old? And so fast, while we’re at it.

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