Why don’t you get to know me a bit?

I read books and then write what I think about the books.

Most of the times I don’t make any sense, but that’s what happens when I get too emotional with the books that I just read and/or are reading.

I sometimes write about my personal rants on basically almost random things, from the most mundane to the utmost incomprehensible topics.

I mostly bore people to death and back again, but I take that as my charm.


7 thoughts on “Why don’t you get to know me a bit?”

  1. Diiiil, hi how are you, girl?
    I accidentally read one of your tweet like a month ago when I opened the twitter (which was very rare of me to open it, since I never use it again) Then I found that your tweets are very enjoyable to read, whether it’s about book review or just you saying something about what you feel.
    Now that I found your blog and InJust read your piece about your baby brother’s birthday. I thought: wow, it feels like reading a book. The way you tell the story and the words are just amazing.
    Please keep on writing, and I will keep on reading them.


    1. Hi Mbak Mirtha! How are you too? I’m as good as I’ll eve be. Whenever you’re in Bogota, do come for a visit. Lol. Thanks for stopping by to read my blog. Glad you enjoy it and I would love to keep on writing. Hopefully there’ll be plenty of topics for me to write.


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