Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

A personal rant in response to The Daily Post writing prompt, Inevitable.

That was Haruki Murakami’s quote. It resonates well with what I’m going through. I wont go and act like I’m going through a lot in life, because in truth, it’s just like any other day, none the better and none the worse. But two things highlight this week for me, one is betrayal cut deep and the other is an anger I could not fathom.

I spent three years dwelling about the betrayal; the first year was filled with hurt, the second year was anger and disappointment, and the third year was just confusion. But the hurt will always be there.

The anger that I could not fathom has been there since from three years ago, and it was only recently been ignited. I had wished that I don’t have it in me anymore to cultivate the anger, but it was there nonetheless.  More than everything, it was the pain that shot through each time I go back to the two events.

Then this morning I stumble upon this quote. What are the odds that I stumble upon this quote and instantly agreeing to it? Pain is inevitable, I could try to block the memories out but anytime I cross path with the memories, the pain will shot through, but whether or not I want to dwell with the suffering, that’s a choice I’m willing to make.

I’m not going to lie, I still dwell upon the betrayal and the anger. Most of the time, this is an ongoing topic between RAM and I, but I refuse to suffer from it. It’s just another phase in life that one has to go through. It is painful and I cannot control it, but I suffer no more from it. It’s just a thing in the past. Ciao!


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