Book review: You’re Welcome, Universe, by Whitney Gardner

I want friends who are all in, all the time. It can’t be all on your terms. You have to care, care about more than just yourself.


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2017 Book Awards

I’ve always wanted to do book awards since the first time I had this blog, but, see, I’m a creature of habit; I always go back to the same genre over and over again. And when you only read either, fictions, non-fictions, historical fictions, young adults, and contemporaries, let’s just say it’s not entirely easy to make your own book awards.

Well, that is until I realise, I can make my own categories and gave out my own awards to the books I’ve read however I like it. Here are the categories that I have come up with.

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2017 in books

18 days to the end of 2017, and I’m pretty sure loads of people are getting themselves busy, what with shopping for Christmas gifts, or preparing for NYE, or if you’re like me, you’re busy collecting your life in 2017 in as many forms as you can have.

I don’t know if you’re into compiling the top nine photos of your most liked Instagram photos, but you can definitely do that if you’re up for a bit of a humble brag.

I’m not gonna lie, when your life is just series of complaints, like your truly, the only thing that’s a bit of a look up nearing the end of the year is to humble brag about the things you’ve achieved. But, then I realised, I haven’t achieved a lot this year. Not only it took me almost eleven month just to finish my Goodreads reading challenge, but I pretty much spent a close to two months worth of wallowing in self pity. What a great 2017, eh?

Either way, since this blog started of as a book review blog (turned into ranting blog too, somewhere along the way), let’s start my year in review through a look back on some of the books I’ve read this year. I’ve made an infographics to simplify it, and to cater to those of you who are not big on reading too much words in a blog post.

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Break down and cry.


One of the hardest question I would have to answer when it comes to book is, “what makes a good book?”

To me, a good book is one that can bring me to tears, or at least close enough to it. Why? I’m dead inside. It’s hard for me to express my emotion, other than anger, mind you.

To read a book that could move me to tears deserves more than a standing ovation from me. For reasons I don’t quite understand, I want to compile a list of books that have brought me down to a puddle of mess by the time I finished reading it. In no particular order, let’s all break down and cry over these books.

In no particular order

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